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Affordable, out-of-the-box solutions make IoT simple and hassle-free. And our IoT experts are with you every step of the way.





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We make IoT simple and hassle-free

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Choose from our suite of tried-and-tested solutions or let us customize for your business problem.

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Right Fit

Our sensor monitoring solutions work for companies of all sizes and serve many different industries.

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Our experts can integrate sensor monitoring solutions across your entire business, big or small. 

Savings you can see

Sensorium saves businesses thousands of dollars by automating manual monitoring.


Units being monitored:

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Readings recorded each day per unit


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Total monthly readings for all units

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3333% ROI
$29,100 Savings Per Month
$349,200 Savings Per Year

* Monthly sensor price may vary depending on configuration. Talk to an expert for details.



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