About Sensorium

Sensorium Solutions help solve the problems you're facing today

Sensorium is a Carnegie Technologies business. Carnegie Technologies delivers ground-breaking connectivity and convergence solutions for mobile operators, satellite communications, Internet of Things, corporate board governance, mobile entertainment and much more to fundamentally transform the way we think about communications, public, and personal safety, entertainment, and economic efficiencies.

Backed by the focus, vision, and leadership of Carnegie Technologies, Sensorium incorporates technological advancements and economies in IoT sensor production and monitoring, making IoT smart and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

It’s a one stop shop.

From tracking business assets to monitoring your HVAC, air quality, refrigeration, and more, Sensorium has a tried-and-tested IoT solution to solve your business problem.


It fits your business.

Sensorium works for any size business that needs to eliminate manual processes. Our solutions connect, monitor, and measure just about any connected device. Set up is quick and hassle-free, for a fast ROI.

It’s connected.

We can connect your Sensorium sensor monitoring solution to other parts of your business via data integrations so that IoT becomes an integrated part of your business.