Proactively monitor your HVAC to prevent system failure or disruption

Property managers and facilities managers need ways to lower costs associated with managing and maintaining heating and cooling equipment (HVAC). HVAC failures result in major costs for repairs, and discomfort and disruption to occupants and businesses. Some businesses and regulatory organizations even require historical temperature data, which if kept, is a manual and error-prone process.

The Sensorium solution

Sensorium offers a cost-effective and reliable remote HVAC monitoring solution that helps lower the cost of managing and maintaining heating and cooling equipment, keeps you informed of system status, and helps you head off expensive, catastrophic failures and safety risks.

How Sensorium works


Place Sensorium's wireless and waterproof sensors throughout the building help monitor both room temperatures as well as duct output temperatures


Data from the asset trackers is wirelessly collected by a Sensorium gateway


The gateway sends sensor readings to the Sensorium cloud


Users monitor sensors' status and see historical readings using a simple web/mobile app


In the event of an anomaly, alerts are sent immediately via SMS text and/or email to all assigned parties


You'll always be in the know and ready to take corrective action




Prevent Loss

Respond immediately to any incident, especially in areas not frequented daily by maintenance personnel

Reduce overhead 

Remote monitoring means fewer visual inspections on the premises and immediate notification when an issue is detected

Access historical data

Get valuable temperature data to support insights for correcting inefficiencies and optimizing equipment and environments



Get started

Try our HVAC Monitoring Starter Kit:

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Monitors room-by-room conditions to keep an eye on system performance

Water Sensor

Detects the presence of water caused by leaks, excessive condensation, or out-of-compliance temperatures

Add more sensors for comprehensive and proactive management:

Temperature Sensors with External Probes

Monitor direct temperature of boilers, chillers, or motors

Motor Monitors

Measure and alert on excessive vibration or noise that could be indicative of impending failure



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