Air Quality


Keep air quality safe for your workers, customers, and residents.

Dangerous air quality conditions can arise suddenly both indoors and outdoors from environmental conditions such as leaks, spills, fire, smoke, or industrial activity, posing life-threatening risks to residents, workers, and customers.

The Sensorium solution

Sensorium gives you a cost-effective and reliable solution for remote air quality monitoring. You can quickly take action when your sensors detect a change in environmental conditions. Our waterproof air quality sensors are rated for outdoor and industrial environments.

How Sensorium works


Place Sensorium air quality sensors throughout your business, warehouse, community, or any environment you want to monitor.


Data from the asset trackers is wirelessly collected by a Sensorium gateway


The gateway sends sensor readings to the Sensorium cloud


Users monitor sensors' status and see historical readings using a simple web/mobile app


In the event of an anomaly, alerts are sent immediately via SMS text and/or email to all assigned parties


You'll always be in the know and ready to take corrective action




Stay Informed

Monitor the status of environmental conditions.

Put Safety First

Early notification of changes in air quality protects your employees and customers from unsafe conditions

Take Immediate Action

Get real-time notification of hazardous areas or other service needs.



Get started

Try our Air Quality Monitoring Starter Kit:

Air Quality Sensor

Measures levels of carbon monoxide (CO) and/or carbon dioxide (CO2) while monitoring ambient room temperature and humidity.

Add more sensors for comprehensive and proactive management:

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Monitor ambient conditions of remote or hard-to-reach areas

Outdoor Air Quality Sensors

Monitor levels of particulate matter (smoke) and certain types of gases which may be harmful to workers, pollute the air, or that cause fire or explosion risk

Noise Sensors

Monitor levels of ambient noise to protect worker safety and maintain compliance with public health standards

Push Buttons

Install throughout the business to request assistance or service, or to notify management of status changes



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