Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring


Keep chilled and frozen inventory at their optimal temperatures

For many businesses that rely on commercial refrigeration, temperature monitoring is a manual process filled with the potential for human error. Lack of compliance can lead to product loss or illness.

The Sensorium solution

Sensorium’s cost-effective and reliable remote monitoring solution for commercial refrigeration includes wireless temperature and humidity sensors that help preserve perishable items and ensure regulatory compliance.

How Sensorium works


Place Sensorium's wireless and waterproof temp/humidity sensors inside your refrigerators, freezers, and coolers.


Data from the asset trackers is wirelessly collected by a Sensorium gateway


The gateway sends sensor readings to the Sensorium cloud


Users monitor sensors' status and see historical readings using a simple web/mobile app


In the event of an anomaly, alerts are sent immediately via SMS text and/or email to all assigned parties


You'll always be in the know and ready to take corrective action




Support Compliance

Monitor temperature and automatically create and access temperature data 

Prevent Inventory Loss

Head off expensive damage and costly perishable product losses

Cost Savings

Save on labor costs associated with manual monitoring



Get started

Try our Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring Starter Kit:

Temperature & Humidity Sensor with External Probe

Monitors conditions inside refrigerators, freezers, or coolers

Water Sensor

Detects the presence of water caused by leaks, excessive condensation, or out-of-compliance temperatures

Add more sensors for comprehensive and proactive management:

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Monitor environmental conditions and be alerted of sudden changes

Motor Monitors

Measure and alert on excessive vibration or noise that could be indicative of impending failure

Push Buttons

Install throughout the business to request assistance or service, or to notify management of status changes



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