Remotely monitor properties & operations 24x7

Facilities, operations, and site managers wear many hats and are called upon at all hours of the day and night to keep their properties, tenants, and workers safe, comfortable, and productive. 

The Sensorium solution

Sensorium offers a cost-effective and reliable remote monitoring solution for watching over HVAC equipment, boilers, chillers, and other critical equipment to help managers work more efficiently and keep their tenants happy and safe. 

How Sensorium works


Place Sensorium's wireless and waterproof sensors throughout your facilities to monitor equipment and environmental conditions, and to detect condensation and leaks


Data from the asset trackers is wirelessly collected by a Sensorium gateway


The gateway sends sensor readings to the Sensorium cloud


Users monitor sensors' status and see historical readings using a simple web/mobile app


In the event of an anomaly, alerts are sent immediately via SMS text and/or email to all assigned parties


You'll always be in the know and ready to take corrective action




Stay Informed

Remotely monitor the status of expensive HVAC and other equipment to detect the need for service

Be Proactive

Install push buttons throughout the business so staff and tenants can request assistance or service inside your facility

Prevent Leaks & Losses

Detect the presence of water caused by leaks and excessive condensation before they cause damage to your facility



Get started

Try our Facilities Management Starter Kit:

Temperature & Humidity Sensor with External Probe

Directly measures conditions of equipment or ambient conditions

Water Sensor

Detects the presence of water caused by leaks, excessive condensation, or out-of-compliance temperatures

Add more sensors for comprehensive and proactive management:

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Monitor ambient conditions of remote or hard-to-reach areas

Outdoor Air Quality Sensors

Monitor levels of particulate matter (smoke) and certain types of gases which may be harmful to workers, pollute the air, or that cause fire or explosion risk

Push Buttons

Install throughout the business to request assistance or service, or to notify management of status changes

Waste Bin Detector

Monitors the fill level, flame risk, and incline status of waste bins 

Noise Sensors

Monitor levels of ambient noise to protect worker safety and maintain compliance with public health standards

Rodent Traps

Automatically notifies when a trap is triggered and whether a pest has been trapped

Asset Trackers

Keep track of mobile assets such as vehicles, tools, or equipment



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