Tank Level


Monitor tank levels wirelessly to avoid overflows or run-outs

Tank level monitoring is complicated, especially when your materials are hazardous or visually difficult to inspect. Depending on the material, run-outs or overflows can cause operational problems ranging from costly work stoppages to property damage or even dangerous worker or public safety risks.

The Sensorium solution

Sensorium offers a cost-effective and reliable remote monitoring solution for tank level monitoring that includes wireless tank level sensors as well as other useful sensors that help remotely monitor and manage factories and industrial plants. Place the monitor inside the vessel, or on the outside with a cable-attached internal probe. Different sensors are available for different sized containers and for measuring specialized materials.

How Sensorium works


Place Sensorium's wireless and waterproof sensors inside the vessel, or on the outside with a cable-attached internal probe.


Data from the asset trackers is wirelessly collected by a Sensorium gateway


The gateway sends sensor readings to the Sensorium cloud


Users monitor sensors' status and see historical readings using a simple web/mobile app


In the event of an anomaly, alerts are sent immediately via SMS text and/or email to all assigned parties


You'll always be in the know and ready to take corrective action




Be proactive

Easily check levels of fluids or solids and plan for efficient delivery and collection

Prevent loss 

Manage inventory and loss detection to prevent theft or leakage

Put safety first

Monitor levels of smoke and harmful gases to prevent harm to workers, air pollution, and fires or explosions



Get started

Try our Tank Level Monitoring Starter Kit:

Fill Level Sensor

Monitors the fill level of a liquid or solid inside a tank or vessel (ultrasonic and IR level sensors available)

Push Buttons

Install on/near vessels allowing users to request replenishment or service

Add more sensors for comprehensive and proactive management:

Industrial Fill Level Sensor

Monitors the fill level inside a tank or vessel - intended to be used in demanding industrial environments/potentially explosive atmospheres, in the areas where
 explosive liquid vapors and explosive gases are present

Outdoor Air Quality Sensors

Monitor levels of particulate matter (smoke) and certain types of gases which may be harmful to workers, pollute the air, or that cause fire or explosion risk

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Monitor ambient conditions of remote or hard-to-reach areas



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